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Why Tim

I have experienced rock bottom and I have consequently found my way back up to the top; it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t enjoyable but through the grit and determination that I put into it, I’d love to share my experiences and techniques with as many people as possible to help make whatever negative situation they may be suffering, as easy as possible to rise above.

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Tim's Accident

On February 10th 2007, I foolishly skied off a mountain, in France, breaking my back, my neck, shattering my ankle and hitting my head so hard I was induced into a coma for 3 weeks. The proceeding weeks, months and years that followed, saw me hitting my lowest points.

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I have collated all of the stories, techniques and lessons that I learned through picking myself up from the accident, and turning my life around. They are a reflection on how my life has changed and developed, and therefore conclusive proof that anyone can do it; because, pre accident, I genuinely never thought that I would have it in me to do what I have now achieved; so if the negative, hopeless layabout that I once believed I was can do it, anyone can!

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You have to unconditionally and fundamentally want something,
before any kind of development can take place.

Take a step back from the frenetic, rule driven, automatic pilot mode of life which cements us in a doing mode that never grants us the stillness, peace and acceptance of whatever is thrown at us, whether good or bad. Learn to just be in the moment, never anticipating, expecting, regretting or dwelling.


The greatest love you will ever be able to reach is that of loving yourself. By reaching a devout acceptance and compassion for yourself, you will then be in a much better place to gracefully receive it and harmo-niously bestow it upon others.


The very act of expressing gratitude, or simply recognising a kindness that has been conveyed upon you, has the intrinsic power to automatically make you feel happy. As an individual, it is very heart-warming to know that one of the easiest ways to feel happy is by acknowledging kindness.


In taking care of and cherishing yourself, you will start to experience new growth within yourself. You’ll witness an abundance of energy, a feeling of safety and a zest for life – like taking a Berocca for your soul.


Everyone experiences a weakness in self-control at certain points in their life, so regardless of whether or not addiction is a problem in your life, you will be able to tackle whatever personal transgression you feel is compromising your poise.


There are a multitude of daily habits that we, as humans, manage to get decidedly wrong. As someone who has, for most of his life, found himself on the wrong side of the happiness fence, I’ll show you how I learned to change these habits and turned my life around.

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